Otr Avi Cut To Mp4


OnlineTVRecorder (aka OTR) is a web based service established in 2005. OTR provides registered users the functionaliy of a TV recorder.


In most cases a cut HQ.MP4 version of a recording is provided by OTR, but this service may not available all the time.

There are several existing solutions available, but the results were not 100 percent satisfying (on my machines). A cutting with existing cut-applications of an AVI file to a AVI file worked without problems. But a conversion of the reulting (cut) AVI to a MP4 results in errors. Either the recording freezed after a few seconds or there was a lot of buckling in the video. Reading a lot of threads in the support forums it seemed that this happend if cuts are applied to other than key-frames.


The basic objective is a error-free conversion from an uncut AVI file to a cut MP4 file. The progra, will process all files in the given directory, users have to choose a cutlist for each file, then a batch file is generated. The conversion is started with this batch file.

Sometimes it happens for TV episodes, that the EPG only has one entry, but there were two different episodes available. If this is reflected in the available cutlist, users are free to choose more than one cutlist resulting in different files for each cutlist.

The resulting file may be renamed with the poposed filename of the cutlist. Especially for TV episodes additional information like staffel or folge will be available.

Existing (already cut) MP4 files can be renamed with a proposed filename of a selected cutlist.

Conversion of HD and HQ Avi files to MP4 is available, but AC3 is currently not working.